5 Challenges to get your creative juices flowing this February

Isn’t this beautiful though.

1. Write one blog post or article per day on a chosen topic

You may have guessed, but this is the challenge I’ve taken up along with my friend Chris Goodman. We’ll each be posting an article here on Medium daily for the entire month.

2. Draw something small that brings you joy every day

I got this idea from Octavia Bromell’s Adobe Max talk last year (@tinkoutsidethebox on Instagram). She talked about how drawing a little thing that brought her joy every day— from a warm cup of tea to a friendly email — actually hugely improved her mental health throughout the challenge.

3. Join a workshop on Skillshare and do one lesson per day

I have a whole host of workshops saved in my Skillshare account. Workshops are different to classes in that they are a collection of classes on a particular topic. Workshops are curated by Skillshare and take the work out of finding a collection of classes to improve your skills in a given area.

4. Learn a creative programme in 28 days

This might be Adobe Illustrator, Procreate or Ableton — is there a programme that you’ve wanted to learn for a while but haven’t really sunken your teeth into properly yet?

5. Idea generation: come up with 20 ideas every day

This is a really fun one — it’s something that Escape the City recommended doing on their career change course. Come up with 20 business ideas on a given topic every day. The topics should be completely random — I recommend flipping to a page in the dictionary, or using a random word generator.



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Eliska Hsk.

Eliska Hsk.

Designer, videographer, photographer, creative person & ex-corporate lawyer writing about career change. I make online visuals at https://www.lightsauce.studio